Coaching with me

Do you feel that something is missing? Do you ever have a strange feeling you do not really own the life you are living? You are facing challenges you might not even be able to clearly define and uderstand.

My gift is establishing sound relationships and trust with people, managing to share and understand their thoughts and feelings. Thanks to that, I can help people to clearly define their goals, identify the most appropriate resources and take action to achieve them.

To live the life you want, overcoming the inevitable challenges that get in the way and finally own your life, is something that can be accomplished working on the right issues:

  • You need have a clear view of your goals,
  • You need to know your real values, the one that really matter to you,
  • You need to understand the believes that have shaped your life so far and manage them, so that they can support you in finally owning your life,
  • You need to be able to actively manage your emotions, using them at your advantage, instead of being guided by them,
  • This way you will discover your purpose and finally own your life.

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Coaching sessions via Zoom, Skype or Hangout.